Saturday, April 16, 2011

Stanhopea saccata

Here is another interesting stanhopea from my collection that finished flowering not long ago. It’s stanhopea saccata and it’s one of the oldest documented stanhopea species. It was first discovered in late 1830’s in humid forests of Guatemala and since then been fascinating stanhopea collectors.
It’s very flamboyant looking stanhopea with large sculptured flowers. I took this picture when blooms just started to unfold and open and it’s showing its beautiful coloring – white with specs petals and yellow/ pale green slightly edged middle. As the flower matures, in a day or two, the colors became more intense and blooms elongated. The scent of stanhopea saccata is first strong cinnamon and then in a background a bit of orange mix – very pleasing combination.

This is another beautiful stanhopea orchid to admire and to cherish and to welcome to any stanhopea collection.


  1. It's absolutelly marvelous. You have the gift for nurturing beauty!


  2. It looks so beautiful - I just wonder what is its scent?Have never seen it in real!
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