Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stanhopea inodora “Belize”

This beautiful variety of inodora just finished its flowering season – its var “Belize” and it’s very handsome variety of inodora to have in one’s collection.

It flowers with large, sculptured lime-green color blooms with a few red specks on the petals displaying full, showy blooms with red “eyes” and golden color middle. The scent is very strong herbal/spicy/medicinal with many undertones to it and it’s very stable, lasting a long time.

Most of the inodora’s stanhopeas native to wet mountain forests of Mexico and Nicaragua, displaying white-colored, unscented blooms, however this variety from Belize have different coloring and smell, making it another desired stanhopea for a collection.

It needs slightly different cultivation techniques to bring it to flower – it prefers drier and warmer winter situation and a lot of watering during active growing season. It’s very generous and fast growing stanhopea, sending many flower spikes during blooming time.

Stanhopea inodora “Belize” is another special and beautiful stanhopea to love and to admire.


  1. If you had to pick just a few Stanhopeas, what would you go for - what are your top 3/5/10? And which would you recommend for Stanhopea "newbies"? :)

  2. It would really depend on your own growing envirnoment and situations and how close one can reproduce their natural habitat for optimum flowering. I don't really have pers. fav - they are all special to me, each one full of new discoveries. Just go for the one's you like and try to read and learn as much as you can about their cultivation and then be prepared to learn from the plants themselves.

  3. I am speechless when I see something so perfect!A miracle of nature!