Friday, March 18, 2011

Stanhopea grandiflora x connata

This beautiful cross of stanhopea grandiflora x connata just finished its flowering season. It’s another new stanhopea for me, so it was interesting to see its flowering and establishing place in my ever-expanding collection.

Both parents splendidly represented in this cross – from connata it inherited beautiful yellow/orange buffed, buttered color with many red specs and dots, with hypochil kind of condensed towards the base of the flower, and from grandiflora large, slightly droopy blooms that never fully opened. The flowers are large and waxy in texture, thick to the touch.

The scent is very complicated, very forceful and penetrating and initial scent is very
strong scent of myrrh, then secondary scent of spices takes over – clove, cinnamon being most dominating – very nice combination.

Stanhopea grandiflora x connata is another beautiful, special stanhopea that delights with its lovely unusual and superior blooms.

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