Friday, December 17, 2010

Stanhopea embreei

This stanhopea orchid one of the first one’s to flower this season in my collection and it’s another beautiful stanhopea to admire.

Stanhopea embreei native to Ecuador, mostly from the western slopes of Andes. It’s relatively new specie, only been discovered in 1960’s and documented in 1980’s and becoming very popular with collectors.

The color of the the blooms mostly white with yellow centre and darker eyes, with very faint spots on the petals. The flowers are large with distinct fruity and spicy scent that is very strong and lingers for a long time. It’s quite vigorous plant, very generous in developing many new shoots and flower spikes during growing season, thus quickly maturing.

We are right in the middle of summer in our part of the world and hot humid days follow tropical rains and storms, just what these beautiful, special orchids love. New growth everywhere, many of my orchids developing flower spikes at the moment and I’ll be featuring many more of the wonderful varieties, crosses and species of stanhopea’s later on in this blog.

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  1. Parabéns é uma bela orquídeas um abraço e um SANTO. NATAL..