Thursday, January 6, 2011

Stanhopea x fowlieana

This very special and rare stanhopea orchid from my collection just finished flowering this season – it’s stanhopea x fowlieana and it’s natural hybrid between stanhopea costaricensis and stanhopea ecornuta.

This hybrid was first documented in early 1970’s from collected plant in Costa Rica and to this day remains very rare and unusual stanhopea, not often seen in cultivation.

This orchid have very interesting flower structure – the horns very short and rudimentary, half of their front fused with the epichil, with long, slender and curved column. The color of the flower mostly white with red spots dusted all over the blooms. The scent is very complex, after the first note of sweet fragrance one can smell many secondary notes of spice, clove and herbal combinations.

Stanhopea x fowlieana is unusual and rare natural hybrid to love and to admire for any stanhopea collector and it delights me to be able to see and share its special, rare and magical beauty.

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