Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stanhopea’s – another growing season

Its first month of Spring in our part of the world and fabulous stanhopea orchids started waking up from their rest. As usual, there is a lot of anticipation on my part, being able to see again their beautiful blooms soon.

Each stanhopea growing season brings its own reward for me and again I am looking forward seeing old-favorites in blooms as well as new for me varieties and species. My own collection steadily increasing and I am hopping to feature some more of these magical orchids in this blog.

A lot of my plants started developing flowering spikes already and many of them very busy at the moment growing new leaves and pushing their roots through the planters – one can see new growth everywhere. So, the waiting game begins again…

How does one describe stanhopea orchid’s essence – bold, spectacular, rare, unusual, fascinating, astonishing, beautiful, amazing, majestic, primeval, frustrating, temperamental, capricious, unchanged, uncompromising and confident? But once they start flowering everything is forgotten – just this deep appreciation and honor to be able to share their unique vibrations and the magic of the new flowering season.

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