Saturday, June 5, 2010

Stanhopea Tigrina var nigroviolacea var “Eddon” FCC/AOS

This beautiful stanhopea is one of the special tigrina/nigroviolacea crosses and its variety Eddon”, another late blooming stanhopea orchid for our climate. It finished flowering right at the end of autumn, and with its special blooms extending stanhopea’s flowering season just a little bit further.

It’s a beautiful orchid with large special flowers, its petals are a bit relaxed and free flowing and it’s usually carry two large flowers on each flower spike, concentrating its growing energy in the size and scent of the blooms. It has all the markings of tigrina/nigroviolacea cross with heavenly sweet vanilla/chocolate scent that lingers for a very long time. “Eddon” variety is another stanhopea that delights with its distinctive blooms.

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