Friday, April 2, 2010

Stanhopea Tigolens “Pembro” – HCC/OSCOV

Here is an introduction to another beautiful stanhopea orchid from my collection – its stanhopea Tigolens “Pembro” – one of the gorgeous crosses between stanhopea Tigrina and stanhopea graveolens. This cross was registered by R Mason in 2002 and regrettably not many plants of this hybrid seen around. This of course is unfortunate, since it’s such a handsome and special stanhopea.

The flowers of this cross are pristine white with many burgundy color marks and spots and large pink colored middle (hypochile) giving a kind of two-tone visual effect. The blooms are large and full and the scent is very strong, sweet unmistakingly vanilla with many pleasant undertones that reminds combination of herbs. In our climate it flowers at the end of stanhopea flowering season, in early autumn.

Stanhopea Tigolens “Pembro” is another stunning addition to any stanhopea orchid collection and I am sure would be appreciated for its rare beauty and form.