Friday, February 5, 2010

Stanhopea costaricensis “Patsy”

This stanhopea is one of the rare stunning orchids in the stanhopea range and I have been waiting for a while to see its special and beautiful blooms.

Its stanhopea costaricensis var “Patsy” from my collection and it’s finished flowering not long ago. It’s native to Costa Rica and it grows in shady, clouded, evergreen tropical forests and it flowering with these spectacular flowers.

The plant is of the medium size, yet the flowers are quite large and full. The main color is pristine white with many violet color spots all over the flower and huge very dark violet color “eyes”. The scent is very strong sweet floral, fruity, and slightly spicy with undertones of bergamot - extremely striking and pleasing to the eye and senses combination!

This is another stanhopea with “an attitude” – that’s how I describe plant that to me seems to have this bold, ancient energy that survived unchanged, uncompromised and confident. And it’s an absolute honor to be able to share its unique vibrations and to glimpse at its magnificence and its magic.

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