Monday, January 25, 2010

Stanhopea Tigrina var Red Devil

This spectacular stanhopea Tigrina var Red Devil been around since 1980’s, however not many plants of this variety seen in cultivation. They are rather rare and it’s unfortunate, since it’s really beautiful and special stanhopea orchid.

It produces one of the biggest size flowers in the stanhopea orchids range and as you can see from the picture, the flowers are full and of generous size, measuring over 26 cm across. The flower spike usually carry only a couple of flowers and my plant developed only one spike with these two huge flowers, almost as if concentrating all of it’s energy on production of these magical blooms.

The color of the flower is pristine white with dark burgundy spots and splashes and the scent is strong, penetrating and heady vanilla that is unmistaken of the tigrina’s range.

This variety is one of the stunning orchids in stanhopea’s world and another variety to love and to admire.

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