Saturday, February 13, 2010

Stanhopea ruckeri var speciosa

This orchid is another new addition to my collection and this season was the first time that I’ve seen its flowers. Its stanhopea ruckeri var speciosa – very old and rare variety, its discovery in Honduras humid forests goes back to 1850’s. It’s not often seen in cultivation or stanhopea collections and another handsome plant to see and to admire.

The plant and flowers is of the medium size and the flowers have this lime green color with just a touch of yellow in the centre. The flowers have very light scent that’s difficult to describe, its smells of “freshness” – clean, crisp and bright. The blooms appear very delicate but actually quite tough and waxy.

Here in AU we are at the end of stanhopea flowering season. There are still a few of my plants that will be flowering shortly, but a majority of them finished it’s flowering and very busy with growing new growth. Our weather is rather hot, humid and rainy at the moment – just what these beautiful plants prefer and they are all showing tremendous growth in preparation for the next season.

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