Saturday, December 19, 2009

Stanhopea "Wetley Secret"

This autumn and winter I was able to extend my ever-expanding collection by a few more stanhopea hybrids and species and one of them just finished flowering. Its stanhopea "Wetley Secret" – another very beautiful cross.

The flowers of this cross is huge, very full shape with delicate markings – pale creamy with touch of green and yellow with dark distinct burgundy spots all over the flowers and scent is rather strong and spicy. Both parents are splendidly represented in this cross.

The plant developed 2 flower spikes this season with 3 big flowers on each spike and I’ve been waiting for them to mature and to flower with a lot of anticipation – it’s always nice to welcome new variety to one’s collection and to get it to reveal its magical, mysterious blooms.

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