Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Stanhopea frymirei x self

This beautiful and rather rare stanhopea frymirei in my collection just finished flowering. I’ve had this variety for some time now, yet it’s only flowered this season and I’ve been anticipating seeing its beauty for a while.

It’s relatively new species, only been documented since 1975 and its native to wet mountain forests of Ecuador on the western slopes of Andes.

The flowers are large, pristine white color with 2 large eyes and darker burgundy spots and the scent is very unique strong and fruity with many undertones to it – it lingers for a long time, releasing combination of strong cherry, apricot, raspberry and the whole “fruit punch” scent, very pleasing to the senses and absolutely loved by everyone who smells it.

This season my plant sent out 2 flowering spikes with 4 flowers on one and 3 on the other and as it was flowering, the orchid was developing new leaves and bulbs and it’s quite vigorous species.

I’m quite thrilled seeing this specie in flower for the first time, since not many of stanhopea frymirei seems in cultivation these days and I am sure that it deserves its proper place in any stanhopea collection.

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