Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Stanhopea flower spikes - new season

Another wonderful stanhopea’s growing season is upon us here in AU and many of my orchids started sending their flowering spikes. The anticipation of seeing their beautiful flowers once more been growing stronger each day.

Our weather been a bit temperamental lately – very hot few days followed by cooler temperatures and rains, but it’s not stopping this wonderful, much awaited blooming cycle. Earlier flowering varieties started developing flower spikes and mid-season and later flowering varieties very busy at the moment growing new leaves and bulbs.

As usual, nothing can stop the flowering spike in its way – on the photo I’ve captured development of one of flower spike – as it was growing, it was hitting the side of the planter, so it’s simply turned above it.

Another plant’s flowering spike was growing against planter, so it found opening between the slates to continue its growth.

Many people tell me that they afraid that when flowering spike hits any object it will stop growing – my personal experience is different, I love this shear determination of life force of stanhopea orchids to flower and to produce its magical blooms each season.

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