Monday, March 12, 2018

Stanhopea ruckeri x nigroviolacea

Stanhopea ruckeri x nigroviolacea1
Stanhopea ruckeri x nigroviolacea
Some time ago a dear friend of ours crossed these two stanhopea orchids - (ruckeri x nigroviolacea) and gave us a few small seedlings. They been growing and maturing, getting stronger and bigger last number of years and finally they flowered this season.

It’s a beautiful cross with large showy flowers, very strong, robust plant that produced number of flower spikes with three blooms on each spike. The background colour is creamy/white with many many dark burgundy spots and marks with darker middle. The scent is very complicated with initial vanilla and then strong perfume of herbs and spices takes over.

Because of our hot and humid weather at the time of flowering, most of my pictures were taken very early in the morning, as the flowers were unfolding.

We are very grateful to him for creating such beautiful cross that will be welcomed in any stanhopea collection by many stanhopea growers and anyone who appreciate these magical orchids.

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