Thursday, January 17, 2013

Stanhopea posadae

This week one of my rare beautiful stanhopea's flowered first time.

Stanhopea posadae is relatively new species from Colombia, first been described by Rodrigo Escobar in publication "Native Orchids of Colombia" in 1992 and since then been very desired stanhopea for any collector of these marvelous orchids. It's rather rare in cultivation and I am quite trilled and delighted being able to see this beautiful stanhopea in flower.

The plant and blooms are of medium size with yellow color flowers and dark burgundy spots and the scent is very herbal / spicy with many sharp undertones that lasts a long time. In our hot weather flowers opened up bery quickly, but I managed to take some pictures as the flowers were unfolding.

Stanhopea posadae is another striking, dramatic looking and handsome stanhopea to enchant any stanhopea collector.


  1. Maravilhosa. Parabéns pelo cultivo.

  2. I really like this S. posadae. The curved horns make the flower look like it has a reversed moustache! Nice large spots on the petals too.

  3. Thank you for allowing me to share with you the beauty of s posadae and for your kind comments