Saturday, April 28, 2012

Stanhopea inodora var alba

Another beautiful stanhopea just finished it's flowering season - it's stanhopea inodora var alba, very nice form of inodora.

The flowers of this variety are huge, very nicely sculptured, pristine white color with almost non-existent, faint scent. Most of the inodora's don't have any fragrance ( inodora means non-fragnant) and this variety is true to it's name. But it's compensating by abundance of blooms with each flower spike developing five to six large perfectly shaped flowers.

The plant itself is large, with long shaped leaves and it takes it time to come into flowering stage, but once it ready to flower it rewards any stanhopea collector with profusion. Stanhopea inodora alba is another gorgeous stanhopea for anyone who collects and appreciates these beautiful orchids.

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  1. You have a wonderful collection. The orchid is really beautiful. It seems that you spend a lot of time taking care for your flowers. I like this kind of orchid but it takes time to come into its flowering stage.

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