Saturday, March 17, 2012

Stanhopea Gary Baker

This is another beautiful stanhopea from my collection. It's stanhopea Gary Baker, very handsome cross of stanhopea Assidensis x jenishiana. Techically, of course, it's a 2nd generation cross since stanhopea Assiensis is a hybrid between tigrina x wardii. It was registered in early 1990's by Baker & Chantry, well known orchids vendors in US.

Stanhopea Gary Baker is one of the crossess that delights any stanhopea grower and collector - it's very vigorous plant, sending many many flower spikes during blooming season, it's large plant with many sculptured large leaves and it seems to do very well in our climate. The flowers are large, numerous on each flower spike and when they unfolding the background color is whitish, yet in a day or two the background color starts changing to pastel lemon and then deeper as the flower matures. There are many bright pink markings on the petals and the flowers are large and full.

The scent initally very strong cinnamon, penetrating and pungent and then secondary scent of herbs, also very powerful. There is no sweetness in the scent - just sharp, piercing smell that lingers for a very long time.

Stanhopea Gary Baker is another special stanhopea for anyone who loves these superior, exceptional orchids.

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  1. It's so beautiful! Actually this is my best flour! I received one small orchid for my birthday