Friday, September 16, 2011

Stanhopea Memoria Paul Allen

This handsome stanhopea first one to flower this season for me and its stanhopea Memoria Paul Allen, beautiful cross of stanhopea ecornuta x tigrina.

It was created and registered by W.W.Goodale Moir, well known Hawaiian orchid hybridizer and pioneer in intergeneric hybrids in late 1960,s and to this day stanhopea Memoria Paul Allen reminds one of the beautiful and desired stanhopea for any collector of these stunning orchids.

This cross is loved by stanhopea lovers all over the world for its dramatic, eye-catching flowers, impressive colors of blooms and dazzling, heavenly scent.

It’s quite generous cross in terms of developing many flower spikes, this season my plant developed five flower spikes and the one in the picture is the first to flower. I am looking forward to extended flowering period from this plant.

Each flower spike develops two large sculptured blooms of white/yellow middle color with many dark pink spots and blotches. The scent is rather complicated, layered with initial strong smell of vanilla and then herbal and spicy undertones. The flowers themselves have this fused middle and very special appearance, showing both of its parents splendidly.

Stanhopea Mem Paul Allen is another special stanhopea to love and to admire for any stanhopea collector.


  1. just got mine and looking forward to it flowering. I live in south western Australia and my orchids all hang from walls and hanging baskets around my cats area. I have 5 stanhopea orchids mostly the tigrina. trouble in living on this side of the planet is getting new species through the pest border even though they come over dirt free. oh well we live in hope.

  2. May you have many happy moments with your stanhopeas