Tuesday, December 25, 2012

New stanhopea's flowering season started

We are right in the middle of stanhopea flowering season here and all of my stanhopea plants busy with developing new flower spikes and stunning blooms. It's great anticipation time, waiting to see some old-favourites that been with me many years as well as discovering new to me varieties and species. My own collection expanding all the time and I also have some plants that been with me for a number of years yet not flowered, playing a waiting game, testing my patiennce and endurance. The other day I've spotted flower spikes on a few of them and looking forward seeing them and enjoying their beauty and hopefully to feature them in this blog.

Our weather is very temperamental and unsettled at the moment - hot humid days followed by rains and storms with themperatures up and down all the time and it's a challenge to keep my plants in optimum condition and to protect the precious blooms, but then each flowering season is unique and it's a special satisfaction to see them all flowering to perfection.

Here is some of my stanhopea's that flowering right now:

Stanhopea frymirei s self

Stanhopea Mem Paul Allen
Stanhopea Wetley Secret
Stanhopea Tigrina


  1. A minha, nada de flor.Parabéns pelo cultivo.

  2. Nice blooms! Can't wait to see your other Stanhopeas coming into flower too!

  3. Thank you for your kind comments - anticipating great stanhopea season this year

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