Thursday, January 5, 2012

Stanhopea saccata "Rene"

This orchid is another recent addition to my collection and it's just finished it's flowering - it's stanhopea saccata "Rene" and it's beautiful, flamboyant looking stanhopea.

The plant itself is of the smallish size with thin-looking leaves, but the flowers quite large and showy with many beautiful bright colors and tones. Deep yellow, lime green, white and many purple dots sprinckled all over the blooms, giving kind of luminous appearance to the flowers.

The scent is very interesting , a bit difficult to describe and to me flowers smell a bit like fresh-cut apple, crisp and subtle - very unusual.

Stanhopea saccata "Rene" is very pretty variety and I am sure it will be welcome addition in any stanhopea collection.

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