Monday, January 31, 2011

Stanhopea oculata var pallida

Here is an introduction to another rare and special stanhopea variety, it’s just finished its flowering season and its stanhopea oculata var pallida – very old and unusual form of oculata. It was first discovered in 1850’s in wet mountain forests of Northern Colombia and to this day one do not see many plants of this variety in cultivation.

It have pristine white large sculptured blooms with many tiny pale pink color specs all over the flowers, the hypochil (middle) is rather elongated and stretched, dark orange color and the dark “eyes” extended around the middle from inside and outside – very unusual feature. This must be very cunning way this variety attracting special insect in the wild for pollination.

The scent is sweet, heady and strong and lingers for a long time. The plant is vigorous, very generous with new growth that maturing quickly.

Stanhopea oculata var pallida is another beautiful addition to any stanhopea collection.

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