Saturday, March 21, 2009

Stanhopea Wardii x Assidensis

This orchid is recent addition to my ever-expanding stanhopea collection – it’s a beautiful cross of stanhopea Wardii x Assidensis. The flowers are huge white/ yellow with many specks through the flowers and the flowers have this pastel luminous effect. The scent heavenly marshmallow, strong and penetrating. The plant is very vigorous and sends many flower spikes during growing season.
Majority of my stanhopea’s finished its flowering season, but we will have another couple of months of good growing weather and all of my plants at the moment growing with increased rate, many more leaves and bulbs developing and forming in preparation for the next magic stanhopea’s growing season.


  1. Those are beautiful, all of the orchids on your blog are very pretty. Are they really easier to grow than African Violets? I may have to try then!

  2. nous avons la même passion !!!!les orchidées...à bientôt

  3. My grandmother started me out growing Cymbidium orchids when I was a youngster. Sadly I had to leave them in New Zealand when I left some 28 years ago. I have not tried to grow any since.
    So, you say Stanhopea orchids are easy to grow, perhaps I should have at least one of these. I have had African violets, but became weary of them after a while

  4. Thank you everyone for your kind comments and for checking out my stanhopea blog.

    Stanhopea orchids are easy to grow and like with all orchids its just a matter of providing them with growing conditions that they like - after that its just enjoyment of these beautiful Nature's creations.