Friday, February 20, 2009

Stanhopea Wardii aurea x Inodora

Mid-season flowering stanhopea’s now blooming in my garden and one of them is this beautiful stanhopea Wardii aurea x Inodora. I’ve had this variety for many years now and every year it flowering at the end of February with these stunning delicate flowers.
The plant and flowers are large with white/yellow and darker burgundy color spots and the scent is very strong vanilla/spicy. It’s a beautiful and special orchid to have in one’s collection.
Here in Sydney we are at the end of summer now and our weather can be unpredictable – we had number of very hot days followed by about a week of cooler temperatures and heavy rains and now back to warm days again. I am making sure that my plants do not dry out and fertilize them weekly to encourage more leaves, bulbs and flowers.

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