Saturday, January 3, 2009

Stanhopea tigrina var Glory of Mexico

Another stanhopea’s flowering season is upon us in southern hemisphere and I am sure many growers and collectors anxiously awaiting emergence of new flowering spikes, anticipating seeing beautiful majestic flowers, even for a short while.

This winter and spring I was able to increase my collection further by a few new to me species and varieties and one of them flowered early this afternoon.

This one is stanhopea tigrina, var Glory of Mexico – beautiful addition to my ever expanding stanhopea’s plants collection. The flowers of this variety huge when open - I’ve measured it being over 24 cm across, dark burgundy middle of the flower gradually turning into the lighter and then pure pristine white color on the end of petals. The scent, like with all tigrinas, very strong, heady vanilla and plant is very vigorous - even as it’s flowering, it’s developing new leaves.

Currently, another 2 flower spikes developing on the other side of the basket, so as usual, I am looking forward seeing more of this huge flowering beauty.

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