Friday, July 25, 2008

Stanhopea orchids – winter care

Winter for stanhopea’s is a resting period, although new leaves are still developing and plants are still growing at a slower rate then during other months. (Picture showing new leaf starting to grow during winter).

In winter months stanhopea orchids require less watering – just occasional misting of leaves and bulbs so that they do not dry out. One exception though is stanhopea Jenishiana species and crosses – this variety really prefer to be dry during winter months. From my personal experience I’ve found if its wet during colder weather, it will not form proper flowers during flowering time – it will still send flowering shoots through the side and bottom of planters, but these shoots will not form any flowers. So if you have any Jenishiana’s in your collection keep them dry during winter and start watering them when the weather warms up in spring.

Because of our mild climate, all of my stanhopeas growing outside, but by trial and error over the years I’ve noted that some varieties prefer slightly warmer situations during winter month. Ecornuta, grandiflora, tricornis, warscewicziana, pulla, napoensis – these ones appreciate more sheltering in winter.

My fertilizing routine is non-existent during winter – I give my plants complete rest and do not start fertilizing until early spring when they start developing new flower spikes.


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    I read that the orchid is the most evolved flower.

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