Friday, February 15, 2008

Stanhopea Wardii

Stanhopea Wardii

Another of my Stanhopea’s flowering at the moment – Stanhopea Wardii. This variety been around since 1838 since its discovery in Colombian forests and remains popular with Stanhopea collectors all over the world for its beautiful yellow/orange vanilla scented flowers. This variety producing medium-sizes flowers but more than compensate for it with its reliability and yearly abundance of flowers. I repotted this stanhopea in early spring and once it’s established in its planter, it’s started sending flower spikes. It sent 3 x flower spikes from the sides of the planter with 5 flowers on each spike. Stanhopea Wardii is mid-season flowering variety here in Sydney and my personal “old favorite”.


  1. Hi there. I just stumbled across your blog through a google search and I'm glad I did.

    I recently acquired a stanhopea wardii and it is not at all happy with me. I have been keeping with all that I've read about the care and treatment of this little beauty but its leaves seem to be slowly dying on me.

    I water it with a fair amount of frequency to prevent it from drying out, but never drown it. It is indoors and is hanging near a window that allows is a fair amount of indirect light for large portions of the day but never direct sunlight.

    I'd love to talk with you (a successful grower) about some tips.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi cablegirl

    Stanhopea's naturally will drop some leaves now and then - sometimes after repotting, but excessive leaf drop indicate that plant is stressed and trying to preserve its energy in the bulb.

    At the request of some of my customers I've done growing instructions for Stanhopea orchids in .pdf - just a couple of pages of tips - if you are interested, send me email to and I'll forward them to you.

    Kind Regards

  3. hi,Kind!

    I just fell in love with Stanhopea, and just started to collect this amazing orchid. And I hace quite a few now. I see your offer on growing instructions for Stanhopea orchids, and I was wondering if maybe you could send me these instructions too?:)

  4. Hi and thank you for your post. Can you please contact me on and I'll forward you growing notes for stanhopea orchids. Kind Regards